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Item shop I'm sure you'll find something you like.

Looking for a powerful attacking sword? Or maybe you need a better protection against your foes? Check out the following table to find out what, where, and when you can buy to satisfy your demand. This page is divided into two parts. The first one describes available attacking weapons (i.e. which are designed for offensive tactics), and the second - defence ammunition. Of course, this table is not complete, so don't be so nervous if you won't find what you're looking for. Although, in case you ever find something interesting, which is not listed here, I'll appreciate any information on those new weapons. Please include the name (title) of a weapon, some words about what it is (is it for attacking/defence, its class), price (if available), and an exact locations (towns) where this thing could be bought. Probably, the last condition will be the most tough, so there is no need to find all shops with this item - just give a clue where other players could acquire it with minimal fuss.

Attacking Weapons

Weapon Rating Price Location
Basterd Sword Attack A 14000 Seville (*), Stockholm (*)
Blue Crescent Attack * 24000 Changan (*), Zeiton (*)
Broad Sword Attack B 5000 Bristol, Dublin, Pisa (*)
Claymore Attack A 15000 Bristol, Dublin
Crusader Sword Attack * 360000 Timbuktu (*)
Cutlass Attack D 1500 Genoa, Lisbon, Salonika
Dagger Attack D 500 Barselona, San Jorge
Epee Attack D 2000 Marseille, Nantes, Naples
Estock Attack B 6000 Lubeck, Marseille
Flamberge Attack A 14000 Lubeck (*)
Golden Dragon Attack A 18000 Hanoi
Japanese Sword Attack A 25000 Nagasaki (*), Sakai (*)
Long Sword Attack B 4000 Lubeck
Magic Muramasa Attack * 380000 Sakai (*)
Rapier Attack C 3000 Bordeaux, Lisbon, Seville
Rune Blade Attack * 360000 Pernambuco (*)
Saber Attack C 3000 Athens, Lubeck, Trebizond
Scimitar Attack B 8000 Cairo (*), Instanbul
Short Saber Attack B 3000 Tripoli
Short Sword Attack D 1000 Bordeaux, Syracuse, Valencia
Siva Magic Sword Attack * 280000 Calicut (*)

I only recommend using A- or Star-value weapons and armor. But don't think you'll ever be invincible in duels. Even if you are equipped with the Rune Blade and Crusader's Armor you can still lose. The Plate Mail Armor and an A-value sword should be sufficient unless you have 40 or 50 ingots to burn. However, the Blue Crescent costs only 24,000 gold.

Defence Weapons (Armour)

Weapon Rating Price Location
Chain Mail Defend C 2000 Copenhagen, Nantes
Crusader Armor Defend * 600000 Naples (*)
Errols Plate Defend * 300000 Copenhagen (*)
Half Plate Defend B 4000 Copenhagen
Leather Armor Defend D 1000 Bristol, Instanbul, Margarita
Plate Mail Defend A 8000 Copenh., Lubeck, Pernambuco

Note: As you can see, some locations are marked with an asterisk (*). It means, that at that town you will not be able to purchase the corresponding item in an ordinary way - these items simply do not exist in the item shop! On the contrary, you will need to wake up around 2:00 AM (internal game clock, not the real one! ;-), and visit the item shop. You may think it should be closed at this time. Yes, it is, but to some extent. Most of towns have the standard item shops, which are sold during daytime. However, there are owners, who are willing to sell quite specific, and highly valuable items at the middle of the night. To be more precise, it it the time period between 2:00 and 3:00 AM. If you ever come close to the shop at this time, you'll notice, that the light is still turned on. So, recall you're a brave adventurer, and step in into the building. What?! Relax - there will be no fighting or duels, unless you have some nasty enemies in the town. You can even visit such a "black market" in the enemy towns, where normally it's not allowed to enter any of the buildings (except harbour). But keep in mind, that those luxury things are usually very expensive.

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