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Shipyard Ho, you can afford a new ship?

Ever wondered how much will it cost to construct a mighty vessel which suits your needs? Okay, here you are. The ultimate solution to remove all your pains - The Online Shipyard. Scroll through the list of available options for the ship (including crew, guns, capacity), select what do you require in your voyages - and you're on a way!
Or, maybe constructed ship lacks of some features, for instance, there are few guns? Just designate the main advantages (like more tacking, maximised number of men abroad) you'd like to see on a planning ship, and press the "Suggest" button. Also please notice, that given algorythm won't work correctly unless you specify a cost (of chosen features) you're ready to bear (the actual ship could be priced even lower). Take into consideration, that fields designated with a red marker could be changed by a user, while other will be overwritten by a script.
The abstract ratings (found at the bottom of this page) merely express the relative differences between available features of a currently seleted ship class. There are presented three different ratings: for trading, for adventure, and for piracy (max 1000). They represent the same kind of activity pursued during the game process by your playable character (for instance, Ali Vezas is a pure trader, so he needs a good ship for trading, etc.).
They may not precisely describe the absolute advantages of a ship, so be aware. If you will ever need an absolute analysis (not relative), it's highly advisible to examine the actual numbers (parameters) of a particuliar type.

What hull of ship?


How much cargo space?


How many guns?


How many men abroad?



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Tacking power


Acceleration power


Trading Rating


Piracy Rating

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