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In order to keep you informed of the latest updates, changes and discoveries, which tend to happen so frequently in the game, the new feature is now available - Uncharted Waters: New Horizons discussion forum. Signing up allows you to share your experience, as well as ask for help with other list members, who are mostly playing this game. All you need to do is to enter your email address below, and then click the "Join List" button. You will instantly receive a confirmation email from Topica, which will provide you with further instructions.

Please make sure that e-mail address you typed is valid and working, because otherwise no message will be delivered to this address and you will not be able participate in discussion forum. All e-mail addresses collected by the owner of this web page are not used and won't be used for any commercial purposes nor will be sold out to third party without your explicit written permission.

This discussion forum (public mailing list) is not moderated, so please avoid posting off-topic messages or messages of commercial / advertisment nature! Violators will be thrown out of discussion forum and banned forever without further hesitation. Then you are ready, enter e-mail address in the textbox below, then click the 'Join List' button.


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In addition to communicating with other participants of discussion forum via e-mail, it's actually possible to post messages from web-based interface. But before that, you need to login to Topica system. This operation could be carried out at forum official web page available at http://www.topica.com/lists/uwnh. Complete archives holding all messages ever posted to our forum are available there as well.

The seven seas were full of dangers - pirates, storms and other sea monsters. Not every mate had the mettle to overcome the obstacles. But you, with your courage, wit, and strength of heart, have bested even the worst of foes. The tale of your voyage will be told for years to come.

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