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Currently, Uncharted Waters: New Horizons game is available for download from multiple locations. However, one rule could be applied to every instance. All necessary files are packed (for your convenience, for faster downloading) into smaller .ZIP archives, which could be processed by various ZIP-management programs, like WinZip 32-bit, ZipMagic 98, or simple PKUnZip and InfoZip. See appropriate web sites for downloading those tools. Now, let's return to the game. Below you can see a number of various web locations, where game files could be acquired (all files were uploaded by me, so links are completely reliable until my accounts expire). Bear in mind, that to run the game properly, you'll need to download and extract all files listed in the section with the same colour. Other archives (in other coloured rows) are not required - they contain overlapping files. I suppose you know the approximate reliability of your Internet connection, so it's up to you to choose the file set, which best suits your conditions. The smaller files your choose, the more chances you'll get them right, but overhead job increases also. Remember, all files should be extracted into the same directory. No further installation is necessary. If any problems relating to download and/or installation of the game will arise, feel free to contact me.

N E W Downloads added. I managed to find a copy of original Uncharted Waters game (released back in 1991 - a long time ago...). So, if anyone is willing to play this game, feel free to download it to your computer. Keep in mind, that by downloading any software from this site you can severly violate copyright rights and can be punished (even enprisoned :-) according to legislation of your country.

Uncharted Waters (PC) Filesize
Downloaduw1.zip - Complete download 619 Kb
Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons (PC) Filesize
Downloaduw2nh.zip - Complete download 2715 Kb
Download Disk 1/2uw2nh_pc1.zip - Disk 1/2 1383 Kb
Download Disk 2/2uw2nh_pc2.zip - Disk 2/2 1333 Kb

Downloaduw2patch_level.zip - Level patch tool v2.14, 6Kb
Downloaduwfacts.zip - Useful game facts and numbers, 21Kb (thanks to Chris McIntosh)

Other platforms now available. Recently, I've decided to put games from Uncharted Waters serie for other platforms as well. So, now you can download a version of UW2 (similar to UW2 for PC, but less animation) for Super Nintendo (SNeS); and Uncharted Waters (first part!) for Sega Megadrive (sorry, this binary appears to be a bit buggy - I couldn't find anything more reliable on the Net). To play those executables, you'll need to install a game console emulator, or use EEPROM programmator. I guess the latter is much more complex, so running software emulation should be considered for the first time. Personally (remember, all depends on your taste), I would recommend you to use SNes9x for SNES, and KGen98 for Sega Megadrive emulation.

I would like to thank Photon for Uncharted Waters for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM image. Thanks a lot, it's great!

Uncharted Waters Series Filesize
Downloaduw1_sega.zip - Uncharted Waters for Sega Megadrive 381 Kb
Downloaduw2_sega.zip - UW2: New Horizons for Sega Megadrive 1080 Kb
Downloaduw1_snes.zip - Uncharted Waters for Super Nintendo 481 Kb
Downloaduw2_snes.zip - UW2: New Horizons for Super Nintendo 1265 Kb

Also, download a handy tool (k) to improve your overall relationships with different countries during the game. I've wrote it because the game itself does not provide a good "self-correction" mechanism to significantly increase friendship levels of your character. Finally, it's now easy to use. If you do not realise, what are "command line arguments" of this tool and how are they used, simply type its name without any parameters and it will display a short help screen. It's written in Assembler, so it should work at almost every PC, ranging from old i8086 models.

As it was mentioned above, "Uncharted Waters" is a very complex and highly sophisticated game. While playing, you will encounter a lot of people (called "Navigators"), whom you can recruit for you team, many weapon and armour types, ship guns, different cities in the distant corners of the world, and, finally, more than 20 historical types of ships. How you will be able to manage to keep in mind all these stuff? Again, I've got a pretty nice solution right for you. Only here you can download a complete database on virtually everything you ever find during your quest. However, due to the huge amount of information available on the topic, this file does not include any data on trade routes, town economies and worldwide prices of goods.

The seven seas were full of dangers - pirates, storms and other sea monsters. Not every mate had the mettle to overcome the obstacles. But you, with your courage, wit, and strength of heart, have bested even the worst of foes. The tale of your voyage will be told for years to come.

Updated: January 8, 2000.
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