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Title: New Horizons

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons

Imagine a time when might navies controlled the seven seas, ruthless pirates searched for hidden treasures and scholars argued that the Earth was round. Now, picture yourself as a young explorer on a mission that will carry you to the four corners of the globe. New Horizons is an adventure set upon the high seas. Each character you can play has a destiny to meet and will find the other playable characters in the story as during your magnificent quest.

The year 1522. The Age of Exploration. Six brave voyagers around the world are each about to begin a life of an adventurer. At the very beginning, they all seem to be very different. Ultimately, during the adventures in the distant corners of our small world, each character will become the real man, with his/her kindness, humanity, fair relations and full of knowledge.
Will you travel to the undiscovered lands of Santo Domingo? Or explore the polar regions of our planet - the land of Antarctic and the northern ice-coast? Will you reach the fame Columbus had after his great journey to the west, into the waters of unknown? Will you beat the ultimate Spanish Armada fleet or become the worldwide-known nobility in European capital? Maybe, you'll set up the borderless empire, uniting the whole world under the power of one metropoly?
It's hard to predict where you'll put you sails during the long trips and the voyages of discovery to the unknown coasts... But at least one thing is certain: this will be the unbelievable years of discovering the world, gathering knowledge, collecting the exotic items and sailing upon the high seas of our lonely planet, called Earth.

During your quest, you will overcome just every obstacle, staying on your path to the glory, from pierce pirates to violent storms at the high seas. But it isn't enough to complete your travel to unknown. Not only ordinary and fairly predictable things, like pirate ships, are determined to stay on your way. There are a lot of unknown and undiscovered in our world. You might be convinced that Sirenes are a myth... Until half of your crew will occasionally jump into the deep waters to find their death there, and following the magnificent song sounding from near rocks covered by a fog. Of course, there is no such creatures like Scilla or Haribdas, but who captured and killed all the crew aboard one of your ships last night, then it was very foggy, dark and silent?.. And who makes these strange sound on the coast, then you know for sure, that there is nothing but desert?..
There won't be such obvious things like "true enemy" or the friend you can always count on. Every man in this crazy world can set-up your to pirates, and eventualy the sworn enemy of yours will help you to overcome another obstacle.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Boldly go there you haven't been, and the valourous tales of yourself will be kept in heart of the adventures in years to come. And remember, if you should get shipwrecked, it's always the skipper's fault.

Now it's up to you to guide them on the path to glory.
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Life could be hard. It could hit you, as anyone else. You could lose the original installation package of Uncharted Waters: New Horizons, for example. In trouble? Visit my downloads page, where you will be presented with all Uncharted Waters series games (available to me). Click any to download - it's free. However, I would not recommend you to install a copy of any of those games, if you don't own an appropriate license (i.e. have an original copy of software). My page should be considered by no means "a bootleg software page". Everyone is free to download anything from this site, if he/she can comply and respect applicable legislation and similar limitations.

System requirements:

One will need a i80386 PC (33 MHz CPU is more than enough), which is equiped with:

  • MS-DOS 5.0+ or any compatible operating system;
  • at least 440 KBytes free conventional memory;
  • at least 512 KBytes free EMS or universal (EMS/XMS) memory;
  • at least 5 MBytes of free space on the hard disk (saved games is included);
  • VGA display adapter
  • an AT keyboard and a working mouse (later not required);
If you do not have given amount of any memory type, consult with appropriate software manuals how to free some.

Highly recommended:

Personally, I would recommend having at least a i80486 PC with MS-DOS, Windows or OS/2 pre-installed, 550k free conventional memory (just in case), a mouse, and an AdLib or SoundBlaster sound card (newer is better). Worth noting, that game will run find from IBM OS/2 and Microsoft Windows 9x/2000 DOS emulation mode (full screen mode is much better). Just make sure game is allowed to take about 2 MBytes of EMS memory, soundcard can produce sounds under MS-DOS mode (again, see manuals which came with a hardware), VGA display and mouse are accessible to the MS-DOS program. Leave the rest of things to the game itself.

The seven seas were full of dangers - pirates, storms and other sea monsters. Not every mate had the mettle to overcome the obstacles. But you, with your courage, wit, and strength of heart, have bested even the worst of foes. The tale of your voyage will be told for years to come.

Updated: July 21, 1999.
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